Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank You from Juno

Juno gave Lynda a thank-you card.
Juno wrote:

Thank you for opening your home to me and my kittens when we had nowhere to go. Thank you for giving us a warm, cozy place to live while you found homes for us. The SPCA and all the kittens were lucky to have you!

Visit us anytime!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno:

I loved your card! What a nice surprise!

All your kittens departed for their "forever Home" on May 9th. The nice SPCA ladies came to the house to vaccinate them, and I gave them their second dose of deworming medicine. So they have a good start!

We were amazed how your kittens each developed distinctly different personalities. Meg, was the ring-leader, Miss Smarty Pants, an alpha female. I called her Hilliary Clinton - a real go-getter, who will never give up when there is something she wants. She was adopted by Lisa and Collin, and will keep them entertained.

If Meg was Hiliary, Flynn was Barack Obama. Sleek and attractive, he is almost as ambitious as Meg. He is a very active kitten. The two of them constantly climbed up my legs. You should see the scratches. Flynn had one purpose: to make it to my lap. He was adopted by Meghan and Laughlan.

Tulley, your runt, turned into "McDreamy", a handsome heart-throb. Poor Tulley is used to waiting for his milk, so is quite content watch the world go by. He joined a four year old female calico, Ella, and should be the perfect companion for her. His adoptive parents are Natalie and Adam.

I nick-named Mollie "Nila", after the pretty doctor on ER who had expressive eyes and shares your exotic beauty. She is a like Persian Princess and is lucky lucky that Meghan adopted her, along with you. Meghan gave her a new name, Mika, which is very pretty and suits her appearance.

I hear that you will be spayed on May 15th. No more kittens for you, Juno. You deserve a rest. I suspect that you have had more kittens in your unknown past. You have been a good mother, an a fine example to humans. I am so impressed with your steadfast devotion to your newborn kittens.

We will never forget you and your kittens. We will keep in touch, and will visit you after Mika grows some more.

So long, Juno.

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