Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tuckered Out

Dear Diary:

My busy kittens have me tuckered out!

My foster mom is going away on a little trip for a week, leaving us in the care of my foster dad. He is not exactly a whiz at updating blogs, so there won't we any news for awhile.

Another nice lady, Natalie Branch, and her husband, Adam, came today to check Tully out. Natalie really likes that little guy .... maybe even more than Adam. Natalie and Adam have a gentle adult cat named Ella, who needs a companion. She will love Tulley. They are all getting a new house, too.

Meg has been nick-named Hilary Clinton by my foster mom. She is very ambitious and she will not be deterred from getting whatever she wants. (Meg, not Lynda!) I always knew Meg was smart. Well, she created a minor crisis today when she managed to scale the blockade at the doorway. My foster dad had to make a higher one. I wonder how long it will take her to conquer the new one.

Molli put on a little show, too. She was playing with a new toy ball. She grabbed on to it tight and growled at her siblings when they tried to join in the fun. Then she carried it off to hide it behind the door.

That's it for now. I will be writing to you again in a week or so.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Watching the Kittens Grow

Dear Diary,

My little ones are growing up right before my eyes!

They were five weeks old on April 21st.

All my darlings are over a pound; even my runt, Tulley, is only a half ounce behind his sisters!

We all had to get worm medicine today. Those nice SPCA people made sure that we will all be healthy. I had my second dose, and the kittens will get their second dose in a couple of weeks.

My Meghan visited again, with her male human friend, Brian. I heard my foster mom talking to my new mom-forever, Meghan about "spaying", whatever that means. Whatever it is, Molli will have to get it, too.

I am happy to report that all my kittens are going to the bathroom on their own. They are eating kitten food and drinking some water, too! What smart kittens I have!

Oh, I almost forgot! Tulley has adoption pending. We are so lucky!

Lynda writes to Juno:

"Spaying" means that you and your daughters will have a little operation at the vet clinic. After that, you will not produce more kittens. You will not go "in heat", either. That's when female cats become very anxious to mate, and their behavior drives their humans crazy.

Your male kittens will have a similar procedure. Some people think they don't need to neuter their male cat. WRONG!
It take two to make kittens. Besides, they make much better pets when they are neutered. They will not be inclined to "spray" urine around their homes, and will not want to roam and fight with other cats (over pretty girl cats, like you). Tou see, Juno, like human males, male cats are always "in season" (wanting to mate ).

The SPCA folks will provide all the new adoptive parents with a discount for spaying and neutering.

All pet owners should have their pets spayed or neutered. Then there would not be so many kittens to find homes for, and a reduction in stray animals. Very often, the baby animals are abandoned, and they perish or become wild.

Sometimes the SPCA can help find homes for kittens. But to do this, they need kind volunteers who will provide a temporary "foster" home. When there are no foster homes, as is the case now, kittens have to be euthanized, or "put to sleep". But, dear Juno, they never ever wake up.
This is so very sad.

I hope people who read your diary will spread the word --- PLEASE spay or neuter your pet!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Juno's Fine Little Litter

From the left: Molli, Meg, Flynn, and Tulley (closest)

Real Men like Kittens

Dear Diary,

A nice young couple came to see my kittens yesterday. Their names are Lisa and Collin. Colin is a distant relative of my foster dad's, on the MacDougall side.

Although they thought all the kittens were cute, they decided to adopt Meg. Lisa always liked female kitties, she said. I wonder if she is one of those "women libbers"???

Anyway, both Lisa and Colin know all about cats, so I am comfortable with them adopting Meg.

I hope the babies begin to eat solids soon. This 24-7 breastfeeding thing id getting a bit tiresome!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno,

I am trying to introduce your babies to solids, but you keep eating their food! It is great to see that Flynn has joined Meg at the water dish.

I wish Tulley would learn to pee!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Prettiest Kittens in the World are 4 Weeks Old

Dear Diary:

My babies were 4
weeks old yesterday. My foster mom
has a really
difficult time getting them to sit still for photos,
and forget the weigh-in!

More milestones: At least three

of the babies have begun to use
their bathroom, with no help from
me or anyone else. I am not sure
about Tulley; he likes to poke.
They are
all doing well
with the
lessons I am giving them in
self defense. So far, only Meg is
sipping water.
Flynn, Molli, and Meg are beginning to purr.

Photos, from the top:
Flynn, Meg.
Molli, and
Tulley (bottom left)
Click to enlarge.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Visitors

Dear Diary,

I had another busy Sunday afternoon.

First a young family, the Tobins, came to visit. They wanted to see my kittens, and thought they were cute. They are going to think about adopting a kitten.

Next a lady named Ann Louise came to visit. She was amazed at how much my kittens had grown.

Then came Megan #2 and Marlene. Megan #2 was the nice lady who held me while Marlene, the kind SPCA lady, drove me to my foster home that cold day on Feb. 21st. These ladies saved five lives that day!

Marlene brought me a present: a soft cat bed. That was so nice of her! Both these pretty ladies adored me, and Marlene even gave me a big kiss on my head. Meghan #2 doesn't have have a cat. Do you suppose........?

Yesterday, my adoptive mom, Meghan, came to visit Molli and me again. She told my Mom that she had signed the papers to adopt us. What great news! I hope my other kittens will be that lucky!

We love the new cat bed. We also loved all the attention we had today!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno,

Everyone likes your pretty kittens!

I noticed Meg taking a few sips of water today. She's a smart girl.

Ann Louise told me a very sad story. There is a homeless white cat visiting her backyard. The cat is very thin and losing it's hair. It looks really miserable. Ann Louise is a kind person. She will try to catch the cat and see if it's ill. If it can be helped, she will try to help it. If not, it will have to be euthanized. There's that word again, Juno.

This spring and summer, many homeless cats and kittens in the Antigonish area will take a trip to the vets' and will not return. We urgently need foster homes, and responsible cat owners.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Naughty Kittens

Dear Diary,

My kittens are becoming very brazen. They are trying to climb out of their nice safe nursery. I had to discipline them quite firmly with my paw and a gentle bite. It's for their own good.
I saw my foster mom bustling around the room today - again. She was blocking off places that kittens might crawl under.

Lynda writes to Juno:

Juno, I am so impressed that you recognize that your kittens are very safe inside their box, and have chastised them. However, it might be time for them to expand their world. I am kitten-proofing your room, and soon they will be permitted to venture out of the nursery box..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Three Weeks and Growing

From top: Mary & Betty, Tulley, Molli, Meg, Flynn, Juno

Dear Diary,

This has been quite a day!

My kittens are 3 weeks old, and two have reached a pound in weight.
Flynn is now 17 oz., and Meg is 16 oz. Molli is 15 oz., and Tulley is 141/2 oz.

More milestones: All are walking, although Tully’s efforts are somewhat dubious. They are all retracting their claws, jumping around and wrestling with each other. Molli has begun to purr.

The SPCA boss ladies, Mary and Betty, dropped by to see us in the afternoon. They showed my foster mom how to get my kittens to wee-wee without my help, and Mary made me swallow a pill for WORMS. I thought only computers got worms, but I was wrong! Swallowing the pill was not too bad. Mary said I was a good cat.

Mary and Betty thought my kittens were really cute — “the cat’s meow”, so to speak.

I got into some mischief today, too. I found a whole bag of toy mice and had them all out on the floor when I was caught by my foster mom. She didn't scold me -- she just laughed. Whew!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno,

Your kittens are thriving. I am so proud of you!

I am glad I discovered the worm on your fur, and that we were able to treat you promptly. I took the creature into the girls at the vet clinic and they confirmed that it was a tapeworm.
You must not be embarrassed. You had to survive on rodents while living outdoors, and that’s how you contracted the worms. All cats who eat mice will get worms and need to be treated. That’s one reason cats should be kept indoors.

The kittens will be treated also in a week or two, but they will get a medicine.

By the way, your treatment was funded by the SPCA.

Your foster mom

Sunday, April 6, 2008

She Likes Me!

Dear Diary,

My visitor was a pretty young woman named Meghan. She really likes me and told my foster mom she will be happy to share her life with me.

Megan is a student nurse and knows all about cats. My foster Mom used to be a nurse, too. I think nurses must be kind and special people.

But here's the best part. Megan will adopt Molli, too!

Just how great is that?

I hope I'm not dreaming!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Yes, Juno. Meghan is very special because she is willing to adopt an adult cat.

Lucky Me!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, while my kittens were napping, I took a little stroll around the house. I don't get out much these days.

Seeing all the snow made me shiver, because I remember how cold I was before a concerned person contacted the nice lady from th SPCA.

My kittens would have perished! I am so thankful for my foster family for taking me in.
I am such a lucky cat!

I overheard my foster mom talking on the phone again. I am going to have a visitor this afternoon.

That adoption word appeared again. I wonder what that is all about .. ???

Lynda writes to Juno:

Yes, Juno, you were very fortunate that things worked out so well. Other mother cats will not be so lucky. Without foster homes to provide temporary care, they and their kittens are doomed. The need for foster homes in our area is critical.

Adoption, Juno, means new and permanent homes for you and all your kittens. This will not happen until the kittens have matured. They will be weaned, eating, and litter trained. Because they are all so cute, they should be easy to place.

More good news -- your visitor is interested in adopting YOU!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kittens Learning to Play: March 31st

Dear Diary,

You will be pleased to know that my babies have started to interact with each other. I heard my foster Mom say that word.

As far as I'm concerned, they are starting to play!
Lynda writes to Juno:

The new nursery has given your kittens a lot more room to be active. Soon we will have to think about installing a bathroom so that you can begin to litter-train your kittens. That will be next week's project!