Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Prettiest Kittens in the World are 4 Weeks Old

Dear Diary:

My babies were 4
weeks old yesterday. My foster mom
has a really
difficult time getting them to sit still for photos,
and forget the weigh-in!

More milestones: At least three

of the babies have begun to use
their bathroom, with no help from
me or anyone else. I am not sure
about Tulley; he likes to poke.
They are
all doing well
with the
lessons I am giving them in
self defense. So far, only Meg is
sipping water.
Flynn, Molli, and Meg are beginning to purr.

Photos, from the top:
Flynn, Meg.
Molli, and
Tulley (bottom left)
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1 comment:

verobirdie said...

yes, they are definitely the prettiest kittens in the world!
Hope they all find a home.