Thursday, April 10, 2008

Naughty Kittens

Dear Diary,

My kittens are becoming very brazen. They are trying to climb out of their nice safe nursery. I had to discipline them quite firmly with my paw and a gentle bite. It's for their own good.
I saw my foster mom bustling around the room today - again. She was blocking off places that kittens might crawl under.

Lynda writes to Juno:

Juno, I am so impressed that you recognize that your kittens are very safe inside their box, and have chastised them. However, it might be time for them to expand their world. I am kitten-proofing your room, and soon they will be permitted to venture out of the nursery box..


verobirdie said...

Juno, you are just gorgeous on that last picture!
And your kittens are growing into beautiful cats.

Jane MacLellan said...

Molli looks really cute in those pictures! They are getting HUGE!

Marlene Morell said...


You are such a great Mother. You take such good care of your little babies. Everyone is growing so fast. I can't believe it will be four weeks on Monday since you had your babies. I am finally going to get to see all of you tomorrow. I can't wait. I am so excited especially since I haven't seen you in person since I dropped you off at Lynda's on Feb 21st. See you soon!!

Sharon Bryson / Bill Wilgenhof said...

I love the last pic of you standing beside the nursery box.