Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kittens Learning to Play: March 31st

Dear Diary,

You will be pleased to know that my babies have started to interact with each other. I heard my foster Mom say that word.

As far as I'm concerned, they are starting to play!
Lynda writes to Juno:

The new nursery has given your kittens a lot more room to be active. Soon we will have to think about installing a bathroom so that you can begin to litter-train your kittens. That will be next week's project!


Marlene Morell said...

Oh my goodness. They sure are beautiful. I look forward to checking the blog everyday to see what they are doing next. Lynda, you are truly the best thing that could have happened for Juno and her babies. Those little ones will be such social and affectionate additions to someone's house because of all of the love and attention that you have given them. I am glad that I thought of calling you to foster. Everything happens for a reason...right?
We NEED more people like you to foster. I hope this blog will help provide us with that.

Antigonish SPCA

Sharon Bryson / Bill Wilgenhof said...

sbrysonAll those little ones are getting so cute! I really shouldn't be looking at them so much!