Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lucky Me!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, while my kittens were napping, I took a little stroll around the house. I don't get out much these days.

Seeing all the snow made me shiver, because I remember how cold I was before a concerned person contacted the nice lady from th SPCA.

My kittens would have perished! I am so thankful for my foster family for taking me in.
I am such a lucky cat!

I overheard my foster mom talking on the phone again. I am going to have a visitor this afternoon.

That adoption word appeared again. I wonder what that is all about .. ???

Lynda writes to Juno:

Yes, Juno, you were very fortunate that things worked out so well. Other mother cats will not be so lucky. Without foster homes to provide temporary care, they and their kittens are doomed. The need for foster homes in our area is critical.

Adoption, Juno, means new and permanent homes for you and all your kittens. This will not happen until the kittens have matured. They will be weaned, eating, and litter trained. Because they are all so cute, they should be easy to place.

More good news -- your visitor is interested in adopting YOU!

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verobirdie said...

Oh that would be so nice to have Juno finding a home on her own! She is a beautiful little cat and she seems so nice.