Monday, April 7, 2008

Three Weeks and Growing

From top: Mary & Betty, Tulley, Molli, Meg, Flynn, Juno

Dear Diary,

This has been quite a day!

My kittens are 3 weeks old, and two have reached a pound in weight.
Flynn is now 17 oz., and Meg is 16 oz. Molli is 15 oz., and Tulley is 141/2 oz.

More milestones: All are walking, although Tully’s efforts are somewhat dubious. They are all retracting their claws, jumping around and wrestling with each other. Molli has begun to purr.

The SPCA boss ladies, Mary and Betty, dropped by to see us in the afternoon. They showed my foster mom how to get my kittens to wee-wee without my help, and Mary made me swallow a pill for WORMS. I thought only computers got worms, but I was wrong! Swallowing the pill was not too bad. Mary said I was a good cat.

Mary and Betty thought my kittens were really cute — “the cat’s meow”, so to speak.

I got into some mischief today, too. I found a whole bag of toy mice and had them all out on the floor when I was caught by my foster mom. She didn't scold me -- she just laughed. Whew!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno,

Your kittens are thriving. I am so proud of you!

I am glad I discovered the worm on your fur, and that we were able to treat you promptly. I took the creature into the girls at the vet clinic and they confirmed that it was a tapeworm.
You must not be embarrassed. You had to survive on rodents while living outdoors, and that’s how you contracted the worms. All cats who eat mice will get worms and need to be treated. That’s one reason cats should be kept indoors.

The kittens will be treated also in a week or two, but they will get a medicine.

By the way, your treatment was funded by the SPCA.

Your foster mom

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