Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Visitors

Dear Diary,

I had another busy Sunday afternoon.

First a young family, the Tobins, came to visit. They wanted to see my kittens, and thought they were cute. They are going to think about adopting a kitten.

Next a lady named Ann Louise came to visit. She was amazed at how much my kittens had grown.

Then came Megan #2 and Marlene. Megan #2 was the nice lady who held me while Marlene, the kind SPCA lady, drove me to my foster home that cold day on Feb. 21st. These ladies saved five lives that day!

Marlene brought me a present: a soft cat bed. That was so nice of her! Both these pretty ladies adored me, and Marlene even gave me a big kiss on my head. Meghan #2 doesn't have have a cat. Do you suppose........?

Yesterday, my adoptive mom, Meghan, came to visit Molli and me again. She told my Mom that she had signed the papers to adopt us. What great news! I hope my other kittens will be that lucky!

We love the new cat bed. We also loved all the attention we had today!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno,

Everyone likes your pretty kittens!

I noticed Meg taking a few sips of water today. She's a smart girl.

Ann Louise told me a very sad story. There is a homeless white cat visiting her backyard. The cat is very thin and losing it's hair. It looks really miserable. Ann Louise is a kind person. She will try to catch the cat and see if it's ill. If it can be helped, she will try to help it. If not, it will have to be euthanized. There's that word again, Juno.

This spring and summer, many homeless cats and kittens in the Antigonish area will take a trip to the vets' and will not return. We urgently need foster homes, and responsible cat owners.

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