Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Going Home Forever

Dear Diary,

This is my final entry.

I have asked my foster mom to write for me, until all my kittens are safe and sound in their "Forever Homes".

Today I am going home for good, to my "Forever Home", with Meghan and Brian. I know I am really going to miss my kittens, but I am happy to be starting a whole new phase in my life.

I am all finished with that dreadful and embarrassing "heat" condition. Meghan will get me spayed very soon. Thank heavens for vets and caring humans!

I softly whispered goodbye to all the kittens. I hope they understand that they must be on their own now. They will be with me, in my heart, forever.

Molli will be joining me in a few days. It is so kind of Meghan to adopt her, too. I feel secure that my babies are safe with my foster mom, and that all are going to good homes.

My poor foster Mom! She cried and cried when Meghan and Brian arrived-- happy tears and sad tears all mixed together. I hope she will be O.K. She has to day goodbye four more times!

Thank you, Marlene and the Antigonish SPCA, for rescuing me, finding a me a foster home, and for finding homes for all of us. You saved our lives!

Thanks, too, to my foster family. Without you, my story may not have had a happy ending.


Marlene Morell said...

Oh Juno,

As I sat here reading your final entry, I too have had a good cry. You were my first rescue and I must say that I will "NEVER" forget your kind and loving face. Knowing that I may not get to see you again makes me very sad even though I have met your new Mom and know that she will be an awesome Mother to you. I too am glad that Molli will be with you. You are a very good mother and you will teach her well.

I want to thank Lynda for being such a wonderful foster Mom to you. It takes a special person to give as much as she has over the past three months and I know that she is one of the greatest resources that our organization could possibly have. I only wish there were more people like her out there for, without foster families we cannot help the many other cats and kittens that will come through our doors this year.

I truly hope that I will see you again some day Juno. The day I kissed you on the head and said that I loved you, I truly meant it with all of my heart!! As I said before, I will never forget you!!

sprinkle4 said...

This has been one of the most heartwarming stories I have ever followed. And my kittens are 5 weeks old now and Mama cat will be getting fixed in the next couple of weeks too. It is going to break my heart to give those sweet kitties away.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!


Sharon Bryson / Bill Wilgenhof said...

We are going to miss Juno's stories, but are glad she is going to a nice new home.

Lynda said...


Reading your message made me cry - AGAIN! I will be suffering from dehydration soon!

Your initial response to Juno's plight made this successful rescue event happen. Pat yourself on the back! On Juno's behalf, I sincerely thank YOU!

To this day, I cannot understand her previous "owner's" carelessness and/or lack of responsibility.

There will be a few more postings to the Blog.

Check back in a few day's time. I will be adding the kittens' final photos and a personal note.