Saturday, May 3, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Dear Diary,

I sure am glad that my foster Mom has returned. My foster dad did a great job looking after me and my kittens, but he doesn't always understand females.

You see, I went into "heat" again. He thought that I was crying loudly because I missed my foster Mom. Jane, who is a student vet and also knows about girl stuff sure set him straight.

I guess the right word for my condition is "estrus". All of a sudden I got this powerful urge. It's kind of personal, and since I like my privacy, I won't go into much detail. Let's just say that I have an unbelievably strong need to have a relationship with a male cat. Unfortunately, the only guy cat in the neighbourhood is Max, a hunk of a cream tuxedo, who has been neutered, and honestly does not have a clue - not one! He does not respond to my special "come hither" calls, and when I pose for him, he is not the least bit impressed. Too bad - Max and I would make beautiful kittens together. I will keep looking ......

And speaking of kittens .... mine have really decreased the amount of time they nurse. It's a good thing, because I spend a lot of time upstairs, looking out the window, trying to see if there are any good looking toms around. The little ones are growing by leaps and bounds. Their eyes are changing from blue to shades of green, their legs are getting long, they hear everything, and are skillful at following a ball, so their eyesight has improved. I am going to ask my foster Mom to put some photos on the blog soon.

Good night, dear diary. I am going to check the all windows again, just in case Mr. Right might be outside, waiting for me ..... mee - ee - ooo - oow!

Lynda writes to Juno:

Dear Juno:

I was very surprised to discover that you are having another "heat", or estrus, so soon! Do not be embarrassed. It is a perfectly normal part of a female cat's life. Your strange behaviour will last a week or so, then subside. BUT in two or three weeks it will return. It is natures way of insuring that your species will thrive.

I have contacted the nice SPCA lady. She will confer with a vet about having you "spayed".

Meanwhile, we will be extra cautious that to do not run outside! We are keeping the doors and windows LOCKED!

I will also do my best to photograph your kittens tomorrow, and add then to your Blog.

Speaking of your Blog, there was a great story about it on the CBC this past week, thanks to Brenda Silver, who told Don Connelly all about you. There was also a "Letter to the Editor", in the Chronicle Herald which I wrote. Both these items gave a boost to publicizing the need for foster homes in our area.


meghan MacEachern said...

Hi Juno,

Its Meghan your adoptive mom. I can't wait to take you & Molli home!

Jenny said...

I loved this diary of juno.. I am currently raising a kitten by bottle feeding him as his mother left him. I've had him since he was two days old and he is now 3 and a half weeks old.. i love how you wrote about the kittens as I have had a mother cat and kittens before and she took care of them.. but this time its me. anyways.. I just wanted to leave a quick comment.