Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tuckered Out

Dear Diary:

My busy kittens have me tuckered out!

My foster mom is going away on a little trip for a week, leaving us in the care of my foster dad. He is not exactly a whiz at updating blogs, so there won't we any news for awhile.

Another nice lady, Natalie Branch, and her husband, Adam, came today to check Tully out. Natalie really likes that little guy .... maybe even more than Adam. Natalie and Adam have a gentle adult cat named Ella, who needs a companion. She will love Tulley. They are all getting a new house, too.

Meg has been nick-named Hilary Clinton by my foster mom. She is very ambitious and she will not be deterred from getting whatever she wants. (Meg, not Lynda!) I always knew Meg was smart. Well, she created a minor crisis today when she managed to scale the blockade at the doorway. My foster dad had to make a higher one. I wonder how long it will take her to conquer the new one.

Molli put on a little show, too. She was playing with a new toy ball. She grabbed on to it tight and growled at her siblings when they tried to join in the fun. Then she carried it off to hide it behind the door.

That's it for now. I will be writing to you again in a week or so.


Team Tabby said...

Hello Juno, we heard about your blog on da radio. You are a lovely mama cat and your kittens are beautiful. It is wonderful to hear you haf a furrever home wif one of da kittens! We are also Nova Scotia kitties and were formerly ferals, but now enjoying the good life as indoor spoiled cats.

Mindy & Moe

Joan Sinden said...

Hi there Juno! We read about you in the Chronicle Herald today and are very happy that your kittens have found homes - Antigonish seems like a pretty lucky place for abandoned kitties and doggies since they have some ladies named Betty and Mary at the SPCA in your town! We have a dog blog here in Halifax called "Me and my dogs" - but we also have a cat named "Whisky" which gets in the blog sometimes too! haha!

Good luck!

Joan and all her animals!